Get More Leads and Listings

  • Free Listing Style Website

    Easily add and manage all of your listings within 10x Office. Your website is automatically updated as you make changes to your listings.

  • Engage Visitors & Capture Leads

    Power every listing with our sticky lead funnel to engage and motivate your prospect. Our clients see 30 to 40% more leads using our proven system.

  • Publish Your Listing In Marketplace

    Let other brokers showcase your listing on their website and start closing more deals with co-opportunities.

  • Automated Interest Based Marketing

    Send automated text, email or ringless voicemail based on prospect's interest in the listings.

How does it work?

10x Office gives you all the tools you need to generate
unlimited FREE listings & leads ​— without increasing your ad spend.

Franchise Portal Websites

Free Listing Style Websites for Lead Generation

Generate a FREE Listing style website to promote online (Google, Facebook, Linked In etc). Each listing is a beautifull landing page with a conversion funnel that engages your visitors and turns them into a qualified leads. ​Everything is ready to go from day one.

Unlike generic websites, ​Our plug-and-play websites gamifies the business lead generation process.​ ​The psychological principles behind “gamification” have been proven across millions of website visitors in the online lead generation industry... and you could be the next broker to benefit.

  • Free Customizable Listing Website
  • Free Landing Pages For Online Ads
  • Send an instant Text, Call, or Email To Your Leads
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Close More Deals
Co-Op Opportunities
& Referrals

When we say co-op opportunities, you are probably thinking about other brokers. Yes, you can colaborate with them by adding your listing to market place but you can generate referrals many other ways. You can build your own referral network using the 10x Office.

  • Get Unlimited FREE Listings & Leads

    Can you think of anyone who might be able to give you a referral? A local insurance agent, real estate agent, or maybe an accountant? Reward these professionals with referral fee and give them a FREE business listing website. All they have to do is send their prospects to their unique website and FranReferral does the rest.

  • A Referral Program That Runs Itself

    But wait... Why not generate referrals from leads and contacts you already have? 10x Office allows you to get referrals from your existing database and from each new lead. You can even make residual income by recommending 10xOffice to local business for generating their own leads, reviews and referrals.

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All in Marketing Machine
For Business & Franchise Brokers

Automated Lead Nurturing Based On Prospect's Interest

10x Office is a software company focused on helping you run your consultancy business.
Our all in one plateform gives you tools used by big companies with deep pockets.
e.g Send a Ring Less Voicemail or use Dialer To Make Numerous Calls
or Automate you lead nurturing using Artifical Inteligence (AI)

A CRM System

System to keep track of your leads, listings, and referrals.

Your Website

A Free listings style Website for you and your referral partners.

Quick Response

Instantly send text, email or ringless voicemail to your new leads.

Engaging Lead Funnels

Your websites are designed for conversion & referral generation.

Sticky Email Marketing

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Review Marketing

Collect and publish reviews to establish yourself as an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

10x Office is a software designed to generate leads, reviews, and referrals. We make it super easy for you to build your referral network for generating FREE leads. We give you all the tools and training to become the best Referral Source for Franchisors and other Businesses. You keep all referral income and grow your business at your own pace.

Websites, Landing Pages, Lead funnels, Calling, Texting, Email Marketing, Text Marketing, Ringless Voicemails, Dialer, Consent Recorder, Digital Brochure, Forms, and much more is available directly inside your account.

No! We regularly update our software. Your system will automatically update as we add new franchisors, lead funnels, email templates, etc.

Because 10x Office is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

A portal website is like a shopping mall of franchisors and business opportunities. Your prospect can easily search based on numerous criterias and their interest is automatically logged in your system.
You will get a FREE portal website for generting leads and referrals.

You can ask for additional FREE websites for your referral partners (aka affiliates). Your partner can link their unique site with their website or share it with specific leads.

10x Office will automatically track all referrals received from your partner websites so you can keep them informed & reward them once the sale is closed.

Asking other businesses to join your referral group is a great way to network and introduce yourself to the local business community.

You can also make additional residual income if your referral partners decide to join 10x Office.

Lead Funnel ask for information in a simple and engaging way (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave). You will notice up to 4 times improvement in your conversion rate with our lead funnels.

You can easily generate unique landing pages with high converting lead funnels for capturing leads from your Website, Facebook, or Google PPC.

Yes, you can automatically send one time text, email or ringless voicemail or choose our sequences features to deliver various messages over time.

Yes, you can add appointments to your calendar and automatically sync with your Google, Yahoo or Microsoft account.
You can also give your prospect an option to pick an available slot on your calendar and book intantly.

Yes, 10x Office will give you a clever email marketing tool designed to get more replies.

Yes, you can call and record both incoming and outgoing phone calls (* additional cost applies) to your leads. All calls are automatically logged and you choose to automatically record them.

Yes, FranReferral allows you to send and receive text messages (* additional cost applies).

Business and Franchise Brokers

Would you like to get more leads from your existing website or from online facebook or Google Ads. Our leads funnels are highly effective and can improve your conversion rate by 30 or 40%.

Request a free access for 30 days — once you see how you can transform your business, you'll never do things the old way.

Convert more visitors into leads with our simple Lead Funnels.

Sell Established Franchise Business

Automatically add various franchise business available for resale and earn a generous referral fee.

Sell New or Established Franchises)

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Sell Your Listings or Make Co-Op Referrals

Manage your entire sales and marketing directly inside the 10x Office

Add New Listings or Sell listings of other brokers

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